Welcome to Coco Lezzone – the home of Mediterranean cuisine in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 


We are the only restaurant in Milwaukee that offers delicious Mediterranean food, great wines and wonderful ambiance. So if you are craving for anything Mediterranean, just get out of your house in Milwaukee and pay us a visit. 


So what do we offer?  


Delicious Mediterranean cuisine 


Our food is definitely to-die for. We are the only restaurant in Milwaukee that provides you with Mediterranean food that comes from only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our cuisine is of course made up of what is called the Mediterranean triad of olives, wheat and grape. As such, you can definitely find the following in our offers:  


Pasta – We have lots of pasta options for you to choose from. We have meat pasta, vegetable pasta, seafood pasta, olive oil pasta and more.  


Pizza – We also have various pizza choices for you to choose from. Just choose the topping that you want and we will make sure that you are satisfied with us.  


Kebab, Falafel and Gyros – We offer wonderful kebabs, falafel and gyros made of beef, chicken or lamb. 


Wines – Get to choose from our thousand wine selection. 


Our food is strongly influenced by the Maghrebi from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Libya; Egypt; the Ottoman Empire which includes that of the Balkans, Turkey and Cyprus; and of course Greece, Italy and France.  


What’s more, we have an extensive wine list from all the best vineyards in Greece, France and Italy. We source our wines from artisanal makers who create their wine bouquets by hand, ensuring that great flavor, spice and aroma. Our wines come from various sources and most of them are actually award-winning. We have received various compliments on the wines that we offer. 


Exceptional Service 


Coco Lezzone is proud to say that we have great staff who have been highly trained to provide you with only the very best service. They know our menu well and can provide you recommendations on what food can be paired with each other. At the same time, they can also provide recommendation on the best wines to drink and pair with the food that you order. They are also polite and courteous and are very professional with the service that they deliver.  


Wonderful Ambiance 


Our restaurant is wonderfully decorated with a great Mediterranean vibe. We are also located in an area with a wide garden and a glass dome where diners like to stroll around and sit while waiting for the availability of their tables or their orders.  


We can also hold events in our garden which we usually light up and dress up according to your event theme and preferred colors. Hold your parties and events with us and let your guests be amazed with the kind of setup that we can provide.  


If you would like to visit us, we suggest that you contact us to reserve a table. We can also reserve a parking slot for you.