Carly, 26 


I went to Coco Lezzone with my fiancé for date night because we have been hearing a lot of good things about this restaurant. I only have good things to say about it. The food is superb, the service is excellent and the ambiance is great. We will definitely go back and order other things as the first time we went, we were not really able to taste everything. So I will go back and tell my friends all about this restaurant.  


Roland, 45 


I bought my two grown up daughters to this restaurant and my wife as well. We definitely enjoyed a great dinner and glasses of wine. I like how they pair the food with the wines. It was really great. The waiters were also very knowledgeable about their offerings. This is something I truly appreciate as not all restaurants are like that, with knowledgeable and competent servers.  


Phil, 30 


I was trying to woo a business client and brought him and his wife to this restaurant. Maybe due to the great ambiance and even greater food, I walked out the restaurant having closed a $10 million deal. Amazing! Now, I feel that Coco Lezzone has become a lucky charm of sorts for me. I will definitely go back here when I am wooing my clients. I will let the food, the wine and the setting do all the work for me. Everything is amazing here. Keep up the work please, Coco Lezzone! 


Miriam, 31 


We held our 5th year anniversary in the garden of Coco Lezzone. It was a small party, nothing so flashy. But the food and the look and feel of the restaurant itself wowed our guests. I am so thankful to Coco Lezzone for doing that for us. It made our wedding anniversary truly special.