Coco Lezzone is happy and proud to offer you authentic Mediterranean dishes with a truly Madison feel. You will understand what we mean when you visit us.  


Here’s our menu to inspire you to come over and give our restaurant a shot: 




We have various choices for our appetizers. You can try the following: 


Hummus – Pita bread that you can dip in a sauce made of chick peas, sesame sauce and garlic. If you want, we can also add vegetables to our offering.  


Pies – We have spinach pies made from baked spinach leaves with onions and lemon juice; or you can choose to have meat pies that are stuffed with ground beef or lamb with onions and mouthwatering spices.  


Salad – We offer different types of salads with cheese, chicken and beef.  


Family Plates 


For our main course, we offer family plates of pasta and pizzas. Both come in different varieties and offerings. We have pasta and pizzas that are vegetarian, or made of chicken, beef and lamb and sprinkled with all those wonderful spices plus olives and cheese, of course.  


Choose our family plates for your lunch or dinner orders for sumptuous and filing meals.  


You can also have kebab, falafel and gyros, which can be perfectly paired with our wine selections.  




End your meal with our wonderful desserts. We offer semolina cakes; olive and nut cookies; Mediterranean pistachios, crepes, cupcakes, baklavas and more. 


Wine selections 


We have over a thousand bottles of wines. Our selections range among the following categories:  


Sweet wines, sparkling wine and Sherry 

White wine or Rose 

Red Wine 

Champagne or sparkling wine 

Luxury Wine or Iconic Wine 

Burgundy Red 


Italian Red 

Spanish Red 

Australian Red 

White Bordeaux 

Bordeaux Red 


Whatever wine you choose, always remember that ours come from small and artisanal vineyards that ferment their wine by hand, making each bottle doubly special.