About Us 

 Hello there! Thank you so much for visiting Coco Lezzone. We are happy that you have visited our website. We also hope that we have inspired you enough to head out of your homes and your garage doors in Madison just to visit us.  


Coco Lezzone started from an idea of Chef Richard Peters. He is a well-traveled chef who have gone around the world to train in various restaurants in the Middle East and Europe. As a Madison native, he was hell-bent on going back to his roots and introducing what he has learned from his cooking and his travels abroad to the residents of Madison.  


After almost fifteen years of just honing his culinary skills, he decided to head back to the United States and established a base in New York just to get an exposure to the cuisine that is available there. As a global hub, New York offered a lot of cuisines from different parts of the world. But what struck Chef Richard was the fact that even if there were a lot of global cuisines available in New York, everything technically transformed into food that is strictly New York.  


This is the kind of culinary experience that Chef Richard wanted to implement. And so, when he went back to Madison, he created a restaurant that offers Mediterranean cuisine, his specialty, and made sure that the food and the ambiance of the restaurant is fused with the local feel and vibe. As such, Coco Lezzone, while officially a Mediterranean restaurant, is also uniquely Madison, if you know what we mean.  


Head off now to Coco Lezzone and understand what makes us unique. We will be happy to treat you with the best food and exceptional service that we have always been known for. While you are at it, enjoy our great wines and wonderful ambiance as well.